Emerald Empire Area Council

2095 Yolanda St., Springfield, OR 97477


"Why do we dance? Because it satisfies our need to express rhythm, to move to music, to be free. Why do we square dance? To be with other people, to play as a group, to cooperate in a pleasure filled pastime. Because it is possible for us to enjoy, often as a couple, a wholesome activity. We are a generation of spectators. We sit and watch football or baseball. We watch T.V. and motion pictures. In all of these things we derive our pleasure as spectators. In square dancing we are the doers." .....Square Dancing, 1972 (Author unknown).

Square Dancing is also good exercise. It is relaxing and a great way to meet and socialize with a group of warm friendly people. It reduces stress, because one must concentrate on the calls, one cannot worry. Square dancing is fun! Whether you have a dance partner or not, you will be welcome here

Health Benefits

If you are new to Square Dance, we have inexpensive lessons available starting in October. Call to find out when lessons start and where they will be held.

To see scheduled dances click on Calendar on the menu.

Plus level workshops

Roger Putzler is having Plus level workshops at

Emerald Dance Center
2095 Yolanda St.
Springfield, OR 97477

The dates for the workshops are:

Tuesday, April 8   7:00 - 8:30 each Tuesday

Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday, May 6


Canceling April 29 - Tuesday

All plus dancers are invited to come and have some fun! Put these dates in your calendar. Thanks! Roger may choose to have more. He'll let us know.

Special Events

We have some special events coming up in the next couple of months. Dan Nordby, a national caller from Arizona will be calling for Danebo Circle 8s. Click here for more information on all of these.

The Emerald Empire Area Council held a benefit dance for housing for wounded warriors on Saturday March 29th. The dance included a silent auction. We raised $1354 with donations at the door and the silent. The Area Council matched the amount raised. A check for $2708 was presented to Brenda Wilson of Lane Council of Governments, who is a volunteer with the organization that runs the Wounded Warrior project. The picture on the right is the cloggers presentation at the benefit dance. It is also a link to a video of the cloggers at this dance.